CAME BXV04AGS Sliding Gate Motor

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CAME BXV04AGS Replacement Sliding Gate Motor.

Single gate motor. 24v. Max 400kg x 18M. Complete With Electronic Board With Display.

CAME Product code 801MS-0150

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    CAME BXV04AGS Sliding Gate Motor

    CAME Product code 801MS-0150

    Built In Radio Remote Programming, Speed Control & Obstacle detection

    CAME BXV04AGS Sliding Gate Motor KEY FEATURES

    • Can operate in emergency mode during power outages.
    • Can retrofit magnetic limit-switches and heater for extreme weather conditions.
    • Control board, with separate terminal board and display, for simpler installing and diagnosing. Save up to 250 different users.
    • On-board Rolling Code and (Twin) Key Code radio-frequency decoding.
    • It manages RIO System 2.0 wireless safety accessories via the 806SS-0040 accessory.
    • Self-diagnosing safety devices – whether wireless or not.
    • Set up to run CAME KEY and to connect to the cloud via CAME Connect.
    • Used to directly manage CAME key pads using the R800 accessory or connect CAME transponder selectors using the R700 accessory.
    • Connection used with the RSE accessory.
    • Also available with magnetic limit-switches.
    • The operator can be managed from a remote location via app through the CAME GATEWAY.
    • New key-protected, manual, mechanical system to release the gate leaf.
    • ZN7 control board, with separate terminals, and display, for easier start-ups and diagnoses.
    • Plug-in connectors for RIOCN8WS, R700, R800, RSE and AF receiver cards.
    • It handles up to 25 Rolling Code users.
    • Ready to fit magnetic limit-switches and heater unit for extreme weather applications.
    • It is set up to connect to the wireless Rio safety system.

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