Gate Closers

Browse our Range of Gate Closers, Standard Fixed Speed & Adjustable Speed Available, our pedestrian Gate Closers are designed to ensure that a gate is closed smoothly and securely and without the risk of injury to any person passing through. Suitable for a wide range of domestic and industrial applications and offering both control and reliability, our Heavy duty Gate Closers can be fitted to wooden or metal gates such as pedestrian gates, playground and school entrances, garden entrance gates & field gates.

The two main considerations when sourcing the correct gate closer for the specific gate.

The easiest solution to establish, is when manufacturing a new gate. This allows the opportunity to make the Gate and Posts to suite a particular closer, in this case most Gate Closers can be used so the choice can be made with aesthetics or particular functionality in mind.

The more difficult solution to find is to find a Gate Closer Solution for existing gates. Unlike doors, Gates are all different depending on many factors, such as who manufactured them and what method they used , what type of hinge arrangement, what type of posts they are hung on and what size they are.

We at Gates and Accessories can guide our customers through this and find the correct solution for their particular Gate Installation.

Sometimes with Gates there is no solution for a particular arrangement, in which case we will advise you of your options and avoid the situation of purchasing a Gate Closer that is not going to be suitable.