Locinox Gate Closers

Locinox gate closers work on the principle of a mechanical spring with a patented oil damping. Thanks to this oil damping the functioning of the gate closer will be the same through the year and during changing weather conditions. Closing speed and closing force are both adjustable and our gate closers can have a snap-close if you wish.

High quality materials and surface treatments ready for years of outdoor use are a basic requirement. This is why Locinox only uses stainless steel and non-ferro metals as raw materials for its products. Locinox choose chrome plating and, whenever possible, hot-dip galvanisation as surface treatment to maintain high standards. This way, our products have a longer life cycle than cheaper alternatives.

“Time is money”, you will most probably agree. This is why Locinox Gate Closers are designed as such that installation happens very quickly and easy.Thanks to the special tools, the patented Quick-Fix and the Plug & Play design – installation happens in a blink of an eye.The pre-fitted Quick-Fix solution guarantees a lightning fast installation. This way, the products are mounted very firmly

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